I’m married to the most amazing and supportive woman in the world (Allison). Together we have two amazing children, Adelynn and Cora. When I’m not photographing a client they are who I love to spend my time and usually with my camera pointed at them as well. – My family means the world to me!

I’m also a HUGE motorcycle fan. When I need some “me” time I jump on the two-wheeled monster and ride with friends. A fellow rider is quick to ask “What you ride?” So in case you’re also a rider, I ride a 2013 Ducati Monster EVO 1100.

Lastly, I have been in the Air Force for 15 years and it has taught me the importance of commitment, responsibility, and to appreciate the relationships I have been blessed with.


I had never thought much about my style until others mentioned that I had one. They said they could usually immediately recognize my images when they saw them. I just believe that the images need to be able to keep your attention, document the moment, and tell a story of your day. I try to see your wedding in a way that you would recognize because of the people in the images, but also feel as if you’re seeing it (for the first time) with a fresh set of eyes.

I value high quality images and I photograph every wedding the way I would want my wedding photographed (if I could do it over again). I consider myself a “Wedding Day Story-Teller”…with a camera.


Very few days are more emotional or intimate as someone’s wedding day. Being a part of such an important day in someone’s life is truly an honor for me. Every. Single. Time. They are also a TON of work and extremely challenging. So many moving parts and people to interact with. With all the changing environments, less than optimum photography lighting, and a plethora of time critical moments….they are literally the MOST difficult type of photography one can engage in. This environment is where I thrive! Sign me up!

We all realize that life goes by before you know it. Your wedding day will go by even faster. It is a day that can cost a small fortune and yet will be a fleeting memory sooner than most think. After the day has passed, the food and drinks have been consumed, and your guests have gone home, the only things you will have that remain is your spouse and your memories. I know you’ll forget the details and moments of your big day because I have forgotten those from mine. However, in future years you will be able to remember how much you were loved and adored by your family and friends on your wedding day because you will be able to hold something tangible that proves it.