Hydra-Guard – Brandin Cooks

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the owners of Hydra-Guard requesting some product shots with Brandin Cooks of the New Orleans Saints. Their idea was to get some images of the product as well as some creative shots with Brandin featuring the product. We set up a time at The Houston Rental Studio to take the images and these are some of my favorite from the set.

Some product shots of the four flavors was also part of the set. I tried to keep the style of the images with Brandin and the images of the product consistent. We decided on a “spotlight” effect for the set.

Followed by some individual shots of each product.

The first image with Brandin was a composite of him (shaking the open bottles). Of course this made quite a mess but Brandin was quite the sport. I used the splashing from several images to composite this final shot together. I loved all of the energy we were able to capture from this image!

Brandin was a blast to work with. He has a great personality and was more than motivated to capture some interesting images as well. Here is one of his beast mode shots and a BTS to show how it was lit. Three Profoto B1 heads. Two gridded, and one in a 5ft octa.

I made sure to take some very moody images of Brandin as well, while I had him in the studio. There were two of my favorite images from the afternoon. I appreciate you taking the time view my post and would love to hear what you think of the images. Please feel free to share, like, or leave a comment below!