Natalya + Michael’s Proposal

I have had to go into some version of “covert ops” for a photoshoot once or twice. Usually this has been for a wedding proposal and each time (I think) I have nailed it! Michael was excited to propose to Natalya on a recent trip to Houston. He asked me if I would be able to provide some photos of the occasion and in a manner that would be inconspicuous as to not give his intentions away.

I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of such a special moment for these two. Michael and Natalya were to arrive at Herman Park with the intentions of stopping by on their way to a nice dinner. As the two arrived, Michael and I texted the coordinating measures to ensure he was at the correct spot and that I was prepared to capture her reaction.

As the couple approached, I could see Michael was very anxious and nervous but excited all the same. Then it happened, Natalya looked directly at me for a moment. I was sure she knew what was coming. Through the busy park I found a nearby family that was on a picnic and started talking to them and acting as if I was doing a session with THEM. I hoped that would make me appear to be a non-player.

Not too long after, I saw Michael prep for the question…and the rest is better told in photos.

After Natalya said “YES!” we spent some time capturing the two lovebirds basking in their moment.jason-talley-photography-herman-park-proposal-4jason-talley-photography-herman-park-proposal-5jason-talley-photography-herman-park-proposal-1jason-talley-photography-herman-park-proposal-6jason-talley-photography-herman-park-proposal-7jason-talley-photography-herman-park-proposal-7ajason-talley-photography-herman-park-proposal-8

What a sweet afternoon spent with these two. Congrats on your catch, Natalya seems like an awesome woman!